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Life Coaching vs. Therapy
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Life Coaching vs. Therapy can easily be explained in this brief blog from International and Certified Life Coach/Personal Growth Coach Christine McClendon from Center Point Coaching in Odessa, TX. I had a licensed counselor that was in my office a … Read More

ABC News on Meditation
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ABC News on meditation with Dan Harris talks about his journey with meditation how it has helped him after a panic attack recorded live on national tv.  Also, how meditation has been proven to be good for major depression, drug … Read More

Listening with Love
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Listening with Love is the topic to this YouTube video that will truly touch your heart. It can help couples take a second look at the true importance of listening with love in there marriage relationship.  Marriage relationships can be … Read More

3 Steps to Living Happy & Regret-Free
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Have you ever played some of your actions back in your head? Like…Why did I even go on the first date with that person? I wish I would eat healthier. Why am I still in a career I don’t care … Read More

6 Things to Improve Mind & Spirit
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6 Things to Improve Your Mind & Spirit with: Exercising your Mind and Spirit with Life Coaching Daily journaling from your mind and spirit will help you create new affirmations and release negative inner thoughts. Scheduling quite time is essential … Read More